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Step 2: Setup DNS Service

 About the Public DNS Service

The Public DNS Service does not provide or register domain names like Such names are obtained from an appropriate registrar, such as or Network Solutions - some of the organizations responsible allocating, tracking, and charging for such names. Although a registrar (such as the, IANA, RIPE, etc) assigns these names, it is the responsibility of the name's owner to find DNS servers to translate the name into an IP address, and that is what the Public DNS Service provides.

To sign up for free DNS hosting goto  Once you've signed up on the right hand side there is a link for editing your primary dns.  Once you've logged in you will be shown a form with a few fields.  The first on is self explanatory but the second one labeled RRs isn't unless you have already edited a bind configuration file before.

Rather then learning the syntax that goes into one of these configuration files you can just fill out the form below and then cut and paste the results into the appropriate field on the granitecanyon site.

If you're interested in more details of the DNS system check out this article writen by  'How DNS Works'

 DNS Resource Records (RRs) Generator Form:

Domain: (ex.
Phone: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Paste the code below in the RRs field:
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* The IP address field is for the IP Address of your web hosting provider.  Some web hosting provide dns services.  The default value is the IP address of if you're using a different web hosting provider then you should change this value.