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Projects Folder

I have learned a lot from projects that are listed on the web.  One of the biggest reasons i set up this website was in the hopes that others could benefit from my projects.  For most of my projects, i haven’t done a writeup for but can be seen in the projects gallery.  If you are interested in any of the projects listed in the gallery then send me an email and I’ll consider posting more information on it.

There is a seperate section for software related projects located here.  


  • Project Gallery

    Links to my picture gallery which contains most of the pictures i have of my various projects.
  • AsciiToKML

  • Parking Spot Recaller 2000

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION... a small device which attaches to your keyring and lets you save the floor and section number of where you parked your car and recall at the push of a button
  • Parking Spot Recaller Journal

    Journal where the daily progress of developping the parking spot recaller is listed
  • MPIntrepid

    page contains information on the computer car project which allows me to play MP3s and have GPS in my car.
  • LED Scrolling Marquee Display Interfacing

    I purchased a relatively cheap LED Marquee display to interface with another project of mine and the protocol was developped in china and noone had any info so i was reverese engineered it. LED DISPLAY MODEL: LM-780C
  • Zigbee - Smartdust Module