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Battery maH Reference


For more information on determining the capacity of batteries see this site!

See this page for a javascript calculator which will calculate how long your battery will power your application



Rating (mAh)











CR2032 3V Coin




9 Volt


Note: The actual rating varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, this chart is just to get you in the ballpark.


LINK: Lithium Battery complete reference


Charge Rates

Fast Charging: > 1/2 C
Normal Charging: 0.2 C -> 0.5 C
Trickle Charging: 0.05 C ->0.2 C

deep cycle - is when a battery is almost completely discharged before it’s recharged
shallow cycle - only a small proportion of the battery’s capacity is used before recharge.


Useful Conversions:

1Ah -> 3600 Coulombs of charge
1 mAh -> 3.6 Coulombs of charge

Problem #1: How many coulombs of charge are in a AA battery?
Assuming your AA battery has 1120mAh as listed above. 
1120mAh means that it can source 1120mA’s for one hour. Recall that 1mA = 0.001 coulomb / sec

So, (1120 mA*h) *( 0.001 coulombs/sec)*(60min/1hour)*(60sec/min) = 4032 coulombs

Problem #2 How big of a capacitor would you need to store 4032 coulombs?

1 farad capacitor can store one coulomb of charge at 1V.

4032 coulombs * ( 1 farad ) = 4032 Farads