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How to Setup

Windows XP Remote Desktop Client


  •  Windows XP Professional or Corporate (Windows XP Home doesn't support remote desktop connection)
       -- click here to determine which version you have --
  •  Guide assumes you will be logged in with administrator access privledges.

Step 1: Create a windows password (if neccesary)

If when you login to windows you have to enter an account name and password skip to step 2. 
If your login to window doesn't need a password you need to create one.  (This is usually the case with fresh installs) 
To create an account click: Start->Control Panel->User Accounts
Then click on the account you want to login with and then the second option should be create a password.

Step 2: Enable Remote Desktop Connection

Click: Start->Control Panel->System->Remote Tab
Check the checkbox that says "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"

an image

Step 3: Select Remote Users

If you're already logged into the computer as an administrator it should say at the bottom <you're name> already has access.  If it does then you will be able to remote desktop connect.

an image

Step 4: Determining your IP Address

You're ip address is your address on the internet.  You need to know what your 'internet address' is so that when you're on another computer you can find the computer you want to connect to.

Click: Start->Run
Type "command"
Then type "ipconfig"

an image

Step 5: Try connecting

When using another windows xp computer you can access the remote desktop client by going to
Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->Remote Desktop Connection

When the window appears type in the ip address you determined in the step above and click connect!

an image

If you want to connect on a computer which isn't running winxp then you will either need to install the windows xp remote desktop client (click here to download) or if you don't have permissions to install the client you can download two files which can be placed on a floppy and the .exe file can be run without having to install anything a href="">(available here).


Potential Problems:
* Firewall is enabled and blocking the ports used by remote desktop connection

Additional Information:

If you have problems trying to print to a local printer when connected to your desktop remotely then see the link below.  I always had problems trying to print to networked printers when i was in computer labs or on a corporate intranet.  Adding the registry settings mentioned in this link solved the problem for me.  Note: the link mentions Windows 2003 a lot.  Just ignore this they are just saying is the client that comes with windows 2003 has solved this issue.  Also, when i went to my registry i didn't have the Default folder it mentions.  That's okay just create a "Key" with the folder names it specifies then create a DWORD in the last folder.

Here's another guide on how to do the same thing

Feel free to contact me if you're having problems after following this guide.