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  • PCB Design Guides

  • How to diff BOMs

    This guide explains how you can diff two different Bill of Materials (BOM) using software tools rather then a) having to manually track changes between revisions or b) manually comparing line by line two boms to determine which parts have changed.

  • Java: How to cope with no unsigned byte

    contains 4 conclusion points i’ve come to about how using signed bytes will affect your application and some workarounds as well as a unit test which will demonstrate how casting to bytes and twos complement work.

  • How to Setup & Use WinXP Remote Desktop Connection

    a guide on how to setup the remote desktop connection feature which allows you to connect to your desktop remotely and use your computer like you were sitting in front of it.
  • How to take a screenshot

    how to get a picture of something on your computer screen
  • Parallel Port Programming

    a guide on how you can use a parallel port to control external circuits.
  • Selecting Battery Size

    explains how to calculate the battery capacity in AH neccessary for your application. Explains how to determine the neccessary capacity when the voltage of the battery doesn't match the load in your application.
  • CCS Compiler

    a guide on using the ccs PIC C compiler
  • (archived) Setting up a custom domain