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Setting created and modified user via SugarCRM Webservice API

A Callinize user recently reported that they were getting email notifications for each Call being created. They had assignment notifications turned on, so whenever created_by_user !== assigned_user_id, an email gets sent to the assigned user that looks like:

{The_API_User} has assigned a Call to {Assigned_To_User}.

Start Date: 2014-01-03 11:44:35 UTC(+00:00)
Duration: 0h, 3m
Description: {description}

You may review this Call at:

So, i figured oh we’re not setting the created user… this should be an easy fix. Well, for me at least… it wasn’t. Special thanks to Jason Eggers of SugarOutfitters or I would have never figured this out…

Flags Required

In order to modify them, you must include these flags. And no, it’s not a typo… they’re named inconsistently.

    "set_created_by" => false,
    "update_modified_by" => false,

Fields Needed

Again, not a typo… they’re just inconsistent.

    "created_by" => $userCrmId,
    "modified_user_id" => $userCrmId,

Final Snippet

Putting it all together, here’s the snippet I use in my set_entry calls:

    // Sets: assigned, created, and modified user to $userCrmId
    "set_created_by" => false,
    "update_modified_by" => false,
    "assigned_user_id" => $userCrmId,
    "created_by" => $userCrmId,
    "modified_user_id" => $userCrmId,

    // NOT NEEDED, Kept because:
    // 1. In case future API makes them more consistent. (dont want to revisit)
    // 2. Doesn't break anything (Surprisingly!)
    // 3. Will help people find this posting searching on google ;-)
    "set_modified_by" => false,
    "update_created_by" => false,
    "created_by_id" => $userCrmId,
    "modified_by_id" => $userCrmId,
    "modified_by" => $userCrmId,
    "created_user_id" => $userCrmId,

Note: I tested this with Sugar v4_1 api via rest. I’ve heard it might have changed in the newer rest apis that Sugar 7 has. If anyone knows, please add a comment.

EDIT: After going through all this… It turns out there is a bug in 6.7.1 which was the real problem. I think in Sugar 6.5 and below assignment notifications are only triggered for records which are updated (not created) and the assigned_user_id changes. Please upvote this issue:

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