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DTMF issues with Trixbox/Asterisk?

Having problems with DTMF tones being recognized?

Our company was having issues where DTMF tones weren’t being recognized on certain IVRs… It was most reproducible trying to join most gotomeetings. We were running Asterisk 1.6.0 and Trixbox 2.8.

We tried pretty much everything possible including talking with our trunk, trying a different trunk, trying the different protocols, debugging with wireshark and nothing really made sense. We have our PBX hosted with lylix and the excellent engineers there upgraded our instance to Asterisk and since then our DTMF issues have gone away. More info on this bug fix can be found here:

Update: improved the issue signifigantly… but not completely.  We built asterisk from source upgrading it whatever is current around 1/15/2012 (too lazy to look up version email me if you need it though).

Keywords:, GoToMeeting, DTMF