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Project Costs - To Be Determined

Assuming i can’t get any of the Microchip PICDEM modules in time and i want to make the zigbee application boards as small as possible it appears i have two possible avenues.

1) Using the compx module’s which will cost $199 per board i produce and assuming i want to produce at least 3 then the project costs for the rf section is going to be around $600.

2) Build the RF section onto my board and then have a contract manufacturer such as flexone or screaming circuits professionally assemble my boards.  The assembly costs will probably run close to $500 to get 5 boards produced.  The resulting project board would be smaller but their is added risk if there is any error in my layout.  The performance probably will not be as good especially if i only do a 2 layer board which i’m used to doing.  Also, the development time would be increased.

I’m emailed compX asking about their costs and availability.  After hearing back from them i’ll make a decision. 

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