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Step 1: Register your domain

Overview / Brief History:

When you register a domain name information is stored in a database of all the domain names that are registered. The database is maintained by a non profit organisation which requires a fee of about $5 a year.

When register a domain name however you purchase the rights to a domain through a registrar who add on another fee.

Up until a few years ago Network Solutions had a monopoly and was the only registrar and so they were able to charge about $75 a year for a domain name.

Now that there is registrar competition a personal domain name can be had for under $10.

To find a domain registrar you could search google for domain names and you'll get a lot of results.

Once you've found a company that will give you the best deal go through check to see if the desired domain name is available on their site and register it.



Go to any domain registrar and sign up for the desired domain name.

here's one potential registrar Note: I'm not endorsing this company