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Black Tinting Experiments

Ahh finish all my finals and i decieded to give the colormatch 325 another go. 

I tried removing the air from part 'b' before mixing it with part a and i measured with a tablespoon carefully the amount of each.  The results didn't come how that great.  I'm going to try using the scale on the next attempt so i can be sure that i did in fact use equal amounts.  If i do and it doesn't come out right again it could be not letting the mold release dry enough before putting plastic into the mold or using a wax coated cup or possibly the chopstick as the stirring rod.

While i was at it i deceided to make some more casts with the castin resin.  I have it a black tint.  In order to get an idea of what using a barebone pcb would look like i cut up one of my extra pcbs from my frequency counter project from a few years ago.  It's hard to judge the amount of tint.  In the cup it looked pretty dark but there the amount in the cup was thicker so it looked darker.

After i knew it wasn't enough tint i quickly added more tint to the remaining casting resin, broke a piece of scrap pcb i had laying around and tossed it in a project box close by.  I wish i hadn't cause i had to destroy the box to get it out.  But, i only had about 2 minutes until the resin would casted and i think i had inhaled too much of the resin's fumes.

Note: The castin resin casts came out more orangish then i expected.  I think that this was because i let them cure on my window sill with direct sunlight.  I don't think you're supposed to let resin that's curing be exposed to sunlight.  But, i didn't want to smell the fumes so i didn't worry about it.

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