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This guide is intended for someone who is trying produce gerber files to send out their PCB design to a board house like PCBExpress or Advanced Circuits.  The information on this page is information just to clarify some of the things that are unclear from other tutorials on the web.


Eagle How To Export Gerber Files Tutorials:


File Extentions

Send the following files to your board house: 

boardname.whl - wheel file
boardname.cmp - Gerber file for component side 
boardname.sol - Gerber file for solder sideb
boardname.plc - Gerber file for silk screen cmp - Gerber file for solder stop mask cmp 
boardname.sts - Gerber file for solder stop mask sol 
boardname.drl - drill configuration 
boardname.drd - drill data 

Don't send the following (which may in any case be deleted): 

boardname.$$$ - Gerber file, generated while generating wheel file (EAGLE users only) 
boardname.gpi - info file for gerber output 
boardname.dri - info file for drill data output 


Note about PCB Express' Extentions

PCB Express uses different extentions!

Naming Files:
To speed up the process you may right-click and rename both the file name and extension without harming the file format (renaming is optional). or .L1 (top gerber) or .L4 (bot gerber)

partno.dri (NC Drill)
partno.tol (tool list, may not be needed if embedded in drill file)
partno.apt (aperture list, may not be needed if embedded in gerber files)